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Book Review: "The Age of Speed" by Vince Poscente

by Ruby Bayan - 09/30/08

If you need to read one book to help you take charge of your life, work, and leisure, this is that book. And you should read it NOW. Vince Poscente’s “The Age of Speed – Learning to Thrive in a More-Faster-Now World” was written to be read now. Today. Not next month, not next year, because by then, seeing how quickly information tools and technology are evolving and shaping our existence, countless opportunities would’ve passed.

Poscente lays the foundation of “The Age of Speed” by analyzing man’s inherent desire for more from life, the human need to do more with this onrush of technological gizmos, complicated by the fear of stress and busy-ness. He goes on to explain that embracing speed in work and everyday life does not mean sacrificing quality, cost, or peace of mind; and that multi-tasking is actually counterproductive. In a series of real-world examples, he expounds on the four profiles that define how embracing or resisting speed can lead to success or failure. He guides you into determining which profile describes you.

One of the countless crucial points (and “aha!” statements) Poscente delivers in The Age of Speed is a formula for the achievement of one’s goals. He stresses that being flexible, sleek, and aligned to an authentic purpose guarantees success. He also likens taking advantage of speed to the philosophy of Aikido. These points are all explained surprisingly clearly in this fast-paced and easy-to-comprehend book.

Most of Poscente’s chapters are enhanced by facts, data, and trends surrounding companies and individuals who embraced (or resisted) speed. But the best part of the book is the last two sections: “Applications” and “Tips and Tricks from the Age of Speed.” Undoubtedly, this book will challenge your perception of the hectic world we now live in, and inspire you with ways to pursue a more productive and more fulfilling role in it.

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