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Book Review: "Living a Charmed Life: Your Guide to Finding Magic in Every Moment of Every Day" by Victoria Moran

by Ruby Bayan - 05/24/09

How can you not pick up a book that says, “Living a charmed life is your birthright, one that you can start to claim as soon as you take to heart – and put to action—the practical and spiritual tips you’ll find here”?

Victoria Moran has written another “charmed life” how-to book: “Living a Charmed Life: Your Guide to Finding Magic in Every Moment of Every Day.” This one is composed of 50 chapters, which are essentially instructions on how to live a life of happiness, contentment, and prosperity. Each chapter is end-tagged with a Lucky Charm, a nugget of inspiration to kick-off the action required to apply the lesson of the chapter.

Moran’s approach is effective because it’s personal. She uses her own experiences and explains how simple interactions and turns of events become essential triggers to charmed life opportunities. She told of a best friend Consuelo who said, “Remember when you take care of yourself, you take care of the universe” (Chapter 25: Take such good care of yourself). Another friend Mary Beth picked up pennies, gathered them in a “Seed Money” jar, and when the jar was full, she used the money to buy seeds for her beautiful and lush flower garden (Chapter 40: Consider yourself lucky).

“Living A Charmed Life” is brimming with actionable inspiration. Many of the tips can be considered common sense; for example, keep your sunny side up, give peace a chance, detox your body, and dress for the occasion. But Moran goes beyond common sense; she delves into hidden meanings, spiritual nuances, and the complexities of human nature, and then filters everything down to bullet lists of simple day-to-day action.

Probably the best lucky charm that Moran shares in the book is in the last few pages. She lists all her resources – the like-minded charmed lives who have written their stories, shared their insights, and shone their light on the path. It’s a precious compilation of who’s who in the self-help and inspiration category.

“Living a Charmed Life” is a life guide, one that has all the easy instructions for living a life worth living. Everyone deserves a charmed life... Moran shows how to embrace it.

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