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Thank you for reading and reviewing my book Mach II. You really do read and understand the books you review. I appreciate it very much."
- Richard Brooke, Author, Mach II With Your Hair on Fire

Book Review: "Mach II With Your Hair on Fire: The Art of Vision and Self Motivation" by Richard B. Brooke

by Ruby Bayan - 12/19/08

You know those days when you feel like you’re in a movie? The disgruntled office worker brain-dead with the daily routine… the single mom going about the day running around in circles… or the self-proclaimed athlete who can’t get past the mediocre mark. Mach II With Your Hair on Fire: The Art of Vision and Self Motivation by Richard Brooke gives solid strategies on how you can actually script that movie towards a happy ending.

The book was originally written in 2000, so by its 6th edition release in 2008, it’s already a byword in most inspiration/motivation circles. Brooke has been a coach, trainer, and leadership motivator for more than 20 years, sharing practical tools to success and goal achievement from high school auditoriums to network marketing seminar halls. Over the years, Mach II has gained its own reputation as a survival kit that every success-oriented individual must carry.

Mach II starts with Brooke’s own personal home movie -- his youth, his job at a chicken plant, his core beliefs, and the epiphany that jumpstarted his path to “Entrepreneur of the Year.” If he can do it, so can anyone else. The rest of the book details how.

Brooke designed Mach II as a template for success and goal achievement. He outlined the need to start with a vision, write down goals, and recite daily affirmations. He then detailed the steps to play the movie of your life in your head, as if it were actually happening. He stressed that with a positive belief system, your self-motivation will compel you to act towards the fulfillment of your vision, and various forces around you will gravitate towards helping you achieve your goals.

Mach II is a straightforward tutorial – you can’t go wrong. Brooke has detailed the basic steps to success; steps that have been taken by people who have soared from poverty to financial freedom, from amateur to gold medallist, from production line to executive office. If you see yourself in a movie that’s not written the way you want it to play out, go ahead and rewrite the script. Mach II is the guide.

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